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    • Who is Francesca?

    • Where do you find your products?

    • Do you charge sales tax?

    • How quickly do you ship?

    Who is Francesca? top

    Francesca is my BFF.  She came to live with us Christmas, 2008.  In her world, we live in the country seat of an English nobleman.  In a castle.  Servants?  Well, of course.  Butlers, maids, abigails, gardeners, and definitely a chef!  Oh, yes, I can assure you that in her world I do not have to cook dinner!
    We entertain frequently.  Sometimes it is a weekend gathering of friends.  Sometimes it is just a few ladies for afternoon tea.  These are the times we are able to really enjoy our silver serving pieces.  After all, collecting silver is Francesca's favorite past-time.  In fact, her obsession with silver was the inspiration behind Silver Trappings.  Now she can purchase even more - a little for her, a little for you.
    It is Francesca's hope that you will find some wonderful, unique pieces at Silver Trappings that will add a little touch of that Victorian elegance to your life!

    Where do you find your products? top

    Francesca loves to shop!  She regularly goes to the local flea markets and estate sales, hoping to find some wonderful vintage pieces for you.  She also attends a few gift markets each year so that she can bring you some unique, new items.

    Do you charge sales tax? top

    By law, we are required to charge sales tax for the items that we ship within Kansas.

    How quickly do you ship? top

    Most of our items will be shipped the next business day after receiving payment. 
    Our pewter-accented glassware is the exception.  Please allow up to 5 business days for your purchase to be customized with your chosen pewter accents.  This glassware will then be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer.

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